We offer you this series of gloss glitter & diamond vinyl wrap in three shiny colors, giving your vehicle a gleaming finish like a diamond.Car-Vinyl-Wraps offers a variety of films that are conformable and durable.Wrapping edges and recessed areas is easy with this material.The adhesive is safe for uninstalling without causing problems.Plus, these vinyl wraps from Car-Vinyl-Wraps are all high quality yet affordable.

Why should I wrap my car in glitter?

In contrast, glitter on the other hand, has a deeper color experience, and the deeper color experience is delivered directly to the customer’s eye. Additionally, it adds that other colors with an adhesive back to the finish, increasing the coloration and style.

Printable and removable glitter is made with high-quality vinyl. Additionally, chunky glitter vinyl makes great car stickers and decals.

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