Why Matte Vinyl Wraps?

The average consumer is familiar with vehicle wraps. Vehicle wraps are well known for their ability to promote businesses and enhance the appearance of cars. Vinyl wrap enthusiasts soon discover, however, that matte vinyl wraps differ significantly from alternatives such as glossy vinyl when it comes to appearance and quality.

Vinyl wraps are great for specific projects, but they are typically best used indoors. Light hits its smooth finish, creating a glare effect. It’s not durable enough to withstand impact damage, so it’s more of a showpiece. It is easy to leave smudges and fingerprints on glossy vinyl films.

Matte vinyl wraps don’t present users with these issues. Light sources, including sunlight, won’t be reflected by matte film. Furthermore, it is more durable, providing any outdoor application with a reliable material. Matte vinyl wraps can also last for years, and many applications are easy to install, whether you’re a pro or a DIYer.

Every wrapping project deserves a high-quality vinyl wrap that won’t disappoint. Choose from hundreds of colors for our matte vinyl wraps. Our collection of matte film wraps will help you complete any creative project that requires a smooth, durable and attractive finish.

Matte wraps instead of spray

There was a time when primer gray was the only flat finish on the road. It was only a sign that the car’s owner was short of cash, or a vintage car of a certain style. It’s more likely now that your matte gray friend has the best job – or is obsessed with cars.

Matte finishes now offer premium options alongside pearlescent and metallic paints on more and more vehicles in the last decade. There are special-edition paint colors from marques like BMW and Mercedes with names like “Frozen White.”

The world over, DIYers and enthusiasts are using whatever products they can to achieve a satin or matte finish. Plasti Dip® used to be the solution, but spraying or painting your ride with one of these products is not only messy, but also takes time and practice to get a clean, even coat.

You can waste hours of work and wads of cash by having Plasti Dip® peel off, even if you spend extra money to have it dipped professionally. Other options are now available to you.

Your options for vehicle customization, craft vinyl projects, and other applications are virtually endless with matte vinyl wraps from trusted manufacturers. Learn what matte vinyl is, what types of matte vinyl are available, and how to use it.

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